Monday, November 18, 2013

Panorama Maker Pro [32-Bit & 64-Bit] (H_y_6_1987) Torrent Download

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Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: ArcSoft Inc


Features: Powerful File Management with ratings and tags (New) Auto select a series of photos by EXIF information Automatically analyzes and stitches photos together Automatically analyzes the video frame and stitches as a panorama (New) Editing tools for fine-tuning of final panoramic image Add personal text and a colored frame to your masterpieces Preview stitched result in your still images and video clips before you save them Exports the result to many formats such as QuickTime movie, PT Viewer, and Flash Professional panorama print service provided within the program Order your panorama online for professional output Broader RAW format support

Review: ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a smart utility digtial images. Minimalist interface with intuitive options available and make it a great choice for beginners and expert photography enthusiasts who want to improve their portfolio, creating art panoramic phographs. This comprehensive tool brings to the table a number of important characteristics that make it valuable in its field. An important point of this particular application is to be built in the photo viewer that allows you to skip the arduous process NAVEGACION through one or more photos to find images, perfect genes to join the project. The images are shown rapidly in the main application window, it is easy to navigate through, select and even rate on a scale of 1-5. But what makes ArcSoft Panorama Maker decidedly superior Photo Editor regularly the first mode features stitching to create panoramic images. Depending on the panoramic views are thought to develop, you can select the sewing. Like a digital camera, the first sewing mode offered is the Self, which analyzes and compiles the selected images in their characteristics. It's easy to develop a 360-degree panoramic photos to complete a full circle of position or mosaic photographers that can add up to 16 parts. Another important quality of ArcSoft Panorama Maker users fine-tuning and improving the feature set that is likely Sewing complementary features that play a crucial role in the collection of settings is filling a gap between the images together to make your fluid alignment and flawless. You can manually adjust the stitches, adjust the mix and restore recently? Sewn? viev. In the end, instead of a menu prepared with sufficient explanations often redundant, ArcSoft Panorama Maker has two detailed instructions on how to take photos or videos excellent scenario. So, ArcSoft Panorama Maker proved to be very focused on your niche market and offering professional advice in panoramic photography.

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