Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BearShare [Windows XP/7/8] Torrent Download

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Category: Internet|File Sharing
Developer: Musiclab LLC


Features: Lightning fast downloads from multiple users simultaneously. Advanced Search - all types of media files. Automatic resume feature assures the completion of all requested downloads. Access and view your friend's shared files. Chat with friends while downloading. The most friendly and intuitive interface. Bandwidth controls. Configurable Parental Controls block access to viruses and offensive files. Media Player with playlists and full-screen preview mode. Enhanced Media Manager ideally designed for organizing all your PC's media files.

Review: BearShare is a solution for file sharing software that is designed for users who want to share files over the internet, but at the same time, it also offers some other goodies to help you in this regard. Although it is designed as a way to share files on the Internet, BearShare includes several other important tools including a powerful search engine, media player and instant messaging features to chat with other connected users. First BearShare track requires a little more attention, because to fully enjoy all the features and download all types of files, E will need to register an account. Although the interface looks pretty good, it may seem a little difficult to work with in the beginning. However, only a matter of time, as it will bring you a few minutes to get used to this program. If you? Re looking for audio or video file, you will have the opportunity to play with the built-in media player that has the controls are conveniently placed right in the main window. Here? Sa search button at the top of the screen until the results came out the front, so you can choose the ones you downloaded. BearShare can be quite handy, and when it comes to dealing with multimedia files. It allows you to organize your clips and songs from the media library and also to track content purchased through a special area in the main window. In this way, the program provides many other tools, including traffic and parental controls, chat utility lists downloads automatically restores and improved search function. Things considered, if E looking for a way to get a P2P sharing network that allows users to download and make available to any other load files, BearShare definitely fits the bill.

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