Monday, January 27, 2014

Logo Design Studio Torrent Download

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Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Summitsoft Corporation


Features: Includes objects and artwork designed by professional graphic artists Adjust and modify over 200 customizable templates categorized by industry Over 850 objects include spheres, signs, swooshes, shapes, images, flags and industry-specific graphics Wipe the logo canvas clean with the undo and revert tools Import and export in all popular formats including JPEG, TIFF, , GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP, PDF, and more Summarize your identity using the Slogan & Tagline resource library Capture your identity with every essential Object and Text tool Special effects such as Shadows, Blurs, Embossing & Frames ignite your image New text effects include Projective, Wavy, Outline, Memo & Circular styles Advanced color control options and gradients Place your new logo on the included custom letterhead templates Print sharp results with any project by adjusting your export resolution up to 300 DPI Trademark & copyright guidelines help secure your identity Video tutorials display the easy steps of Logo Design Studio Professional, Creative, Refined & Designer fonts included

Review: Logo Design Studio is an easy to use program that offers powerful tools to create a logo da?? For different purposes. It serves mostly less experienced?? S users. In a professional-looking, intuitive interface, you can create a new project from scratch or use one of the many models provided by the program. You can apply the above?? installed items and slogans. Logo Design Studio allows users to insert a rectangle, ellipse, stars, rounded rectangles, triangles, trapezes, lines, pentagons and separate?? Turing of the object, as well as photographs and captions. Also, you can delete or duplicate objects on the screen to be on the front??'s Or send them down to change the alignment, as well as group and SLU??'s Items. Other options allow users to customize the colors of objects and fabrics, and da?? Pairs of effects (such as shadow opacity, exhaust?? Session, the radius of the horizontal and vertical position). Diem?? Publication does not yet having an unregistered saving?? Anas project or export. Logo Design Studio is light on system resources, using a low amount of CPU and RAM. This is a good response time and works well without causing Windows to hang, crash or error popup dialogs. However, the application does not integrate more advanced features experienced?? S users.

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