Saturday, February 15, 2014

UltraFileSearch [by qwees]

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Category: File managers
Developer: Stegisoft


Features: Easy, User friendly and intuitive interface. Can be launched directly from Windows Explorer shell context menu. Search in every kind of Drive: Internal, External, Network, CD-ROM, DVD, etc. Ability to calculate the size of the folders. Search Files or Files and Folders or only Folders. Allows you to quickly select the Local or Network Drives or of single Drive. Search in plain text files and in binary files looking in their raw format, (e.g. txt, html, csv, exe, dll, obj etc.) Allows you to specify the Text Masks in 2 ways: "Words" and "Phrases". Can ignore Files of certain Types: Hidden, System, Image, Audio, Video. Possibility to select the Date Range on the basis of hours, Minutes, Seconds. Possibility to append results of consecutive searches. Multi-select support in order to perform editing on multiple Items. (e.g. Cut, Copy, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Rename, Delete etc.). The results can be exported in various File formats. Display of the main Search Filters in the Window Caption and in the Taskbar. Can choose which types of MRU Items to save and (or) load.

Review: UltraFileSearch is a useful tool that allows you to make fast and comprehensive search your files and folders. Therefore, if the search feature that provides Windows does do more for you, you can look at this tool. UltraFileSearch a standard interface in which you can navigate easily within their functions. So you can switch between the different types of simple and comfortable, set folders subfolders starting the search, including hidden folders, exclude folders and filters and adding the results, view files and folders. You can also search for words or phrases (eg match some or all, whole words, capitalization, and without using text filters) and skip the hidden image system audio and video files. In addition, you can set the interval for date and time when it comes to creation, modification or last access appropriate number (possibly margins established for the size too). Experienced users will be happy to know that they can configure advanced settings in terms of attributes (eg, normal file read-only, system, compressed). The program uses very little system resources, given the fact that it carried out an exhaustive search. The results are UltraFileSearch quickly and has a very good response time. Plus, you can check the full help file of technical terms. In conclusion, this is a very good application UltraFileSearch search criteria for lost files and folders, and recommends all users.

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