Saturday, February 15, 2014

Xara Designer Pro X [kovarV] Torrent Download

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Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Xara Group Limited


Features: Xara Designer is based on the world's most sophisticated, highest performance vector rendering engine. Quite simply this makes it the fastest graphics software to be found. Xara Designer's Direct Action Tools allow you to create effects such as transparency, shadows, bevels or gradient fills in an interactive, fast and intuitive way. No distracting dialogs - simply drag on the object! Many tasks in Xara Designer benefit from being able to use the drag and drop principle, which is the most intuitive way of working and a great time saver. It also supports drag and drop import of files, such as photos. Instead of dragging outlines when you draw, move, rotate or resize objects, Designer offers solid live object manipulation, which simply makes it much easier to see what you're doing! Only Designer is fast enough to do this on complex vector graphics. The Zoom tool allows magnification up to 25,000%, perfect for detailed work. And it's super-fast and resolution independent too. Xara Designer is the primary tool of many illustrators and includes a set of powerful but really easy to use vector line and shape drawing and editing tools. The blend tool tweens or blends from one shape to another. It's ultra-fast, click-drag simple, works with vector shapes, text and photos. Xara Designer photo handling beats other graphics programs on many fronts. It's much, much faster, produces smaller files and it's non-destructive. It makes the perfect photo composition tool.

Review: Xara Xtreme Pro X is a powerful software that allows you to adjust and create vector graphics, web graphics, photo composition and even Flash animations. The interface design is modern and looks a bit complicated. To use this program properly, any experience with a similar application may be necessary. If you do not have this knowledge, then you can still access the rich content helps developers offer. The application offers all the usual writing, online video tutorials, daily tips, online forums and workshops help content. Xara Xtreme Pro X contains a large number of models and examples (illustrations, website themes, photo calendars, covers and labels for CDs / DVDs, animated banners, etc.) in the? Designs Gallery? panel, but only if you are online. Each time the program starts, it searches quickly for content updates, so that you can receive new content or changed automatically. The application includes many photo editing tools that let you create special effects such as transparency, shadows, gradients, bevels, and the list goes on. The Zoomer allows you to work with precision, since the increase is possible until 25 000% regardless of the resolution of the image is. At any time of the creation of a project, you can access the information document? Panel that can show the number of pages, bitmaps, fractal objects and repeal the measures, and the size of each. Here you can also add a comment in the file. Many tasks in Xara Xtreme Pro X can be done by drag and drop, a principle that will simplify everything you need to do. The program supports domestic and import from and export to a large number of file formats such as XAR, PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, PAI, ICO, EPS, CMX, HTML and DRW. In conclusion, Xara Xtreme Pro X is a powerful and useful software that can be used to create beautiful images, vector graphics, web graphics and more.

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